Pro-Tek Services of Central Florida, Inc. has been servicing Central Florida and beyond since it's opening in 1989. We believe that termite protection starts at the ground level, before a structure is even built. Our goal is to treat the soil before construction starts and keep that structure termite-free forever.  For more than 3 decades, we have had the pleasure of developing close relationships with General Contractors, home builders, and concrete companies. We have gained their trust and therefore have a stellar reputation in Florida for being on-time, affordable, competent and courteous.  This is how we have become one of Florida's largest pre-construction termite soil treatment companies.


According to Florida Building Code, a termiticide treatment must be applied to either the soil or the wood framing of every new project and some additions/alterations to existing structures. We offer both treatment types.

Soil treatments are required early in the building phase, before the concrete is poured. The vapor barrier is usually installed right after we treat. Our large, state of the art trucks enable us to treat tens of thousands of square feet in a single trip. We also offer a wide variety of products, depending on your company's or architect's specifications and budgetary needs. We use all EPA Registered products, including Termidor.

Another option is a wood treatment, also known as a BORA-CARE® treatment. It's name comes from it's active ingredient, which is a borate mineral salt. BORA-CARE® is applied directly onto wood surfaces 2 ft. up from the ground once the project is in the "dried in" phase. BORA-CARE® is proven effective to kill and prevent: Drywood termites, Subterranean termites, Formosan termites, Carpenter ants, Powderpost beetles and Old house borers. BORA-CARE® will also kill and prevent algae and wood-decay fungi. BoraCare treatments are clear, but we are able to add blue dye if requested. If you are looking to protect your structure from not only termites, but mold as well, BORA-CARE® with MOLD-CARE® Moldicide Concentrate is a co-pack of products that uses Mold-Care to kill existing mold and Bora-Care to inhibit future mold and wood decay fungi growth.

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